Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September rose



The sun became gentle and there are kind breezes instead of gusts in September.
After enduring Colorado's burning summer,
the roses are able to show their true beauty

for a very short time.

Snow dusting on the mountains already.

         Miniature Rose / name unknown                   Knock Out Rose Blushing                               Knock Out Rose                           

garden log : took out some rambunctious creeping periwinkle from the north border


  1. My knock Out Roses bloomed all summer.
    I wish they were a bit taller though.
    Your mini is a pretty yellow.

  2. Hi Lisa♪
    I agree, taller Knock Out would be nice. Such a carefree rose, isn't it?
    Isn't it a nice mellow yellow. I got if from Safeway. ;o)


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