Friday, July 29, 2011

The Mayflower


My garden is not an ideal place for growing roses.

ハイメンテナンスのハイブリッド ティーローズには興味ありませんが、
どうしても、どうしても オールド イングリッシュローズが欲しくて
最初に こわごわ手に入れたのが
デビッド・オースチンの ' The Mayflower '。

I'm not interested in those demanding hybrid tea roses, but
it is hard to resist the charm and grace of old English shrub rose.
My first one was David Austin rose 'The Mayflower'.

 David Austin English Rose  'The Mayflower'

名前の由来は、オースチン氏の アメリカ カタログ発刊記念とのこと。


Mr. Austin has named this rose to mark the launching of his American catalog.

file from Wikimedia Commons


She gets some sun scorch and strong wind is hard on her,
  but is completely free of disease and insect damage.
She blooms repeatedly all season long.



How I enjoy learning from flowers.

garden log : started a "seed compost " per newspaper (kitaQ method)
                   picked a brandywine tomato, yum! 


  1. It look beautiful and your pictures are always so perfect. Your garden seem to be a place to enjoy life.
    Thank you for sharing :)
    Here, in Québec, Canada, it is hard to keep roses.
    Some scientifics have create some resistant one for our wheater and they call them in honor of great explorateur in Canada. Mine is call John Cabot. It has a lot of roses and I love it !

  2. Bonjour, Everlasting!
    So nice to hear from you.
    I'm pleased to know that my garden comes across as a happy place. It's my therapy, you know. ;o)

    Canadian Explorer Series roses are highly recommended here in Colorado too.
    'John Cabot' is beautiful!
    I'm thankful that people in Canada are working hard to develop cold-hardy roses.
    Roses for everyone!

  3. I adore shrub roses (the only kind of rose I bother with in my garden). Such hard-working bloomers -- and just beautiful! Yours looks divine.

  4. Hi Kym,

    Although the cold temp and harsh sun are hard on roses, The dry air and wind seem to have minimizing effects on diseases. I haven't seen Japanese beetle so far.(Knocking on wood, hard!)
    Are you in Zone6, maybe 5? I'd love to see your roses.


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