Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blue Heron

Blue Heron by Fruitpoops
Great Blue Heron  Ardea herodias
wingspan 167–201 cm (66–79 in)
photo courtesy of Fruitpoops on Flickr, posting with permission


You are such a beautiful bird.
I have only seen you once in my garden.


Did you really have to eat them ?




  1. Oh. Such a beautiful bird. . . it's so sad about your fish. We have a hawk who likes to hang out in our yard. I think he's most interested in the chipmunks... but all the birds scatter whenever he's in the neighborhood.

  2. Hi Kym,
    We also have enormously huge owls that is known to hunt for cats and small dogs. I think our dog is big enough that we don't have to worry about owls (I've seen it looking at him thought) but do need to watch out for rattlesnakes and coyotes. And bears and mountain lions, occasionally seen nearby. We try our best not to disturb them.
    I think hawks are cool.
    I'm interested in getting the bee house that you talked about today. I have seen it on catalogs but nice to hear your positive review about it. Thanks!


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