Monday, August 15, 2011


US stamps- Eastern red cedar and Ponderosa pine
artwork by late Ned Shidler

母に手紙を書きました 今、98 cents かかります。

A letter to my mother. The postage now is 98 cents from US to Japan.
I love the Pinecone forever stamps.
I hope they will always have nice botanical series like these.

~ ~ ~


It's the seed collecting season, isn't it? 
  Since seeds are living things, I collect them in paper envelope 
and try to let them breathe。

 ~ のりもテープもいらない種封筒の作り方です ~
Here is a handy way to make a seed envelope without glue or tape.

Fold a rectangle paper like this

Fold over the longer part like this

Flip, eyeball the center and fold the both sides like this
The top folds don't have to meet, but will make it securer if they do. 

Fold the wings and tuck in like this

種封筒ができました。  ちゃんと説明できたかな?
Now, you have a seed envelope! Hope it wasn't too confusing.


I find this extremely handy when you are out and about 
and stays very secure too.

garden log : did the center bed makeover, found gooseberries!
                   finally plated the Japanese maple that was kept in a pot for 7years


  1. What a beautiful envelope! I think I may just have to start collecting seeds myself. . . so I can have an envelope just like that! :-)

  2. Hi Kym♪
    Glad you like it!
    When you reach I-25, please turn south next time.
    Lots of flower and fish tales are told here. ;o)


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